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With 180° your underwater adventures really starts
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With 180° your underwater adventures really starts

New & Exclusive Features


Dual Floating Balls Design
Bigger Air Intake with Fresh Air Only system
Easier Plug-in Design For Storage
Removable Action Camera Mount
New One-way Outlet Valve (Water Drain)
Redesigned Nose Cover with new ergonomics

Get the Best Underwater View and Comfortable Fit with Our Full-Face Masks

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We believe in rigorous local beach testing to create the best products. Years of testing have led to our 180° full line of snorkeling masks, offering superior view, comfort, and durability.

Our snorkeling masks are not just designed to meet the needs of snorkelers, but they are also perfect for all your water needs. Our full-face masks are covered by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

So whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a beginner, 180Mask has got you covered.

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Innovative Designs for a Safe and Fashionable Snorkeling Journey

Snorkeling Fun for Kids with Cartoon Masks by 180Mask

Discover 180Mask’s Cartoon Masks for safe, comfortable, and fun snorkeling adventures for your kids. Our innovative designs provide an enjoyable experience while prioritizing safety.

Choose from a variety of designs and colors, each featuring a unique character they’ll love.

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At 180°, we believe in the power of the daily user to drive product development. Our products are created through firsthand experience in the Caribbean Sea, ensuring they are the best money can buy for all your water needs. Our 180° full line is not just computer-designed in a skyscraper; it is perfected through continuous local beach testing.

Each product undergoes years of intensive testing before, during, and after marketing to deliver the best underwater view, comfort, and durability. 

With 180° your underwater adventures really starts.